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QualPage was originated by Judy Norris.

It has been greatly enhanced by electronic care packages or assistance from Ron Chenail, Linda Thede, Jim Thomas,

Ann Lewins, Mike Crang , Peter Ramme, Sebina Heida, Susan Sparks, Graham Gibbs, Lynn Davie, Biorn Hasselgren,

Gary Shank, Vincent Hevern, Bo Graham, Beth Rodgers, Janet L. Fickeissen, Roderick P. Hart, Paul ten Have,

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim, Jaber F. Gubrium, David Hughes, David Boje, Rick Parkany, Cynthia Russell, David Heise,

Emma Place and David Woods.


It is now managed by the faculty in the Qualitative Research Program at the University of Georgia: Judith Preissle,

Kathleen deMarrais, Kathryn Roulston, Melissa Freeman, and Jori Hall. We are all grateful to Dongjin Kim, who

redesigned the website fall 2006, to Yuri Han, who redesigned the website summer 2009, and to Guanhua Chen who

helped to update the site summer 2013.

Last Update : June 23, 2013
    The content and opinions on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of
    nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.