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Multimedia & QDA
General QDA Resources
  QUARC Qualitative Research & Consulting: Product Overview & Comparison
  CAQDAS Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software Networking Project
  Text Analysis Resources Harald Klein's page
  MacResearchSW The Source for Academic Software for the MAC
  ResearchTalk A full-service Qualitative Analysis Consulting Company
  SciencePlus Home Page Software for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  Code-A-Text Software for Video Analysis
  HyperRESEARCH Software for Video Analysis
  MacSHAPA Software for Observational Data Analysis
  Transana For the Transcription and Analysis of Audio/Visual Data
QDA Software
  AnSWR Analysis Software for Word-Based Records
  AQUAD Content Analysis of Audio/Video-data
  ATLASti Analysis of Qualitative Data
  CDC EZ-Text For Semi-structured Qualitative Data (freeware)
  Code-A-Text and C-I-SAID Analysis of Text and Speech
  Diction The Text Analysis Program
  Ethno2 Event Structure Analysis (ESA)
  The Ethnograph Analysis of Qualitative Data
  HyperQualLite Rental software for the Mac
  HyperRESEARCH Analysis of Qualitative Data
  Kwalitan Analysis of Text, Pictures, Audio Fragments and Video Fragments
  MacShapa A Macintosh-based Software Tool for Performing Video Analysis
  MAXQDA Professional Text Analysis
  NVivo Analysis of Qualitative Data (by QSR International)
  PQMethod For QMethod
  QDA Miner Mixed-model Qualitative Data Analysis Software
  Qualrus Analysis of Qualitative Data
  TAMS Analyzer Macintosh Qualitative Research Tool
  Textalyser Online Ttext Analysis Tool
  TextQuest Ttext Analysis Tool
  The Observer Collection, Analysis and Management of Observational Data
  VisualText Analysis of Qualitative Data
  WEFT QDA Easy-to-use Tool to Assist in the Analysis of Textual Data
  WordStat Content Analysis Module for Simstat
  DeDoose Analysis of Qualitative or Mixed Methods Data
Other Software that is Useful for QDA
  askSam Data Management Tool: Organize Information and Create Searchable Databases from Web pages, Email, PDF files, Texts, and Word documents
  Folio Views Information retrieval software tool
  STELLA and ithink  
Transcribing Software
  Express Scribe  
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